September 9th, 2003


How depressing.

I was having trouble remembering the last book I read (other than the textbook for class), and finally I did. I read Frank Herbert's The Eyes of Heisenberg on the plane from Hawaii. I can't remember what came before that.


I am obviously not using my free time wisely.
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Sort me, sort me!

Slytherin! You're classy to the core, favoring the
traditionally finest things the world has to
offer. While you may or may not be evil *wink*
you certainly have the power and attitude to
get what you want. You're clever as all heck,
and tend to be a couple steps ahead of even the
most astute Ravenclaw.

A More Unique Hogwarts Sorting Quiz
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Time Cat

Girlchild must read 20 minutes or more a day for homework, so her mean mamma decided that she would read out loud. (So I know she is actually _reading_ and not flipping through the pages.) She decided she was going to read Lloyd Alexander's Time Cat. Right now she's reading in teh chair, and providing me my background music.

I love it.
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