September 6th, 2003



So we spent all day in class today covering what we learned in the last least when I came home my textbook had arrived. I also wish I had gone ahead and printed the student manual earlier and had it at class. I have questions now and it is too darned late for tomorrow's assignment. Doggone it, I learned in one of the other classes that I am the sort of learner who likes clear, concise instructions, and this darned assignment doesn't have them!

Grumblegrumblegrumbe. The Navy has spoiled me.
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Yo ho, yo ho....

I blew off the homework tonight and we went to see Pirates again. It was all the girlchild's idea, supported by her could I be a wet blanket and say no?

Besides, the chance to drool over Captain Jack and Will Turner was not to be missed. I find myself liking the Commodore quite a bit this time around, too. I know he's hard to notice with Jack Sparrow dominating the screen.

We stayed through the credits and saw the monkey, too. Such a nasty little critter.

And now it is off to bed so that I might get up early and complete my homework...if I can figure out what it is I am supposed to fill out. It's a life learning sort of thing, and I think I shall leave everything after age 36 blank. After all, who knows what is coming?
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