September 5th, 2003


Conventions and a link to something odd.

Almost half of the folks in my AIM list went to a convention of some sort this weekend. Perhaps one day I shall attend one. I missed out on ComicCon this year, which is the big one in San Diego - I can't remember if it was a school weekend or just one in which I felt like crap. Perhaps had I known that Matthew Stover was going to be there I would have managed. I loved his stuff ever since I found a copy of Heroes Die. I am eyeing Conjecture, which might actually be more suited to me. I think that is also a class weekend. Silly classes. Idiot me, for taking classes every other weekend.

I found an odd site about killer guppies via The Straight Dope. I thought that the history of the Killer Guppies Awareness Council was particularly amusing, as well as their feedback page. The drop-box for age has three choices: Under 4, 72 and 4 months, and Over 93.
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