August 20th, 2003


One down...

One paper down and one to go. Well, mostly down. Have to finish that stupid APA format at work, then I shall print it up and deposit it in the basket at SIU's office. Two days at work to finish the next one, three evenings at home, then I am out of time.

I'll love that week underway with no class worries. Might even find time to write something. The kewl news on that front is that I'll be able to sleep in CPO berthing instead of down in the E-6 and below berthing. It will feel just like home, except no one will be bitching to me if the movie starts late.
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Decision made.

I've been struggling to decide whether or not to skip a term with SIU. The upcoming workload just didn't seem compatible with 12 credit hours of coursework unless I wanted to sacrifice all of my family time.

I didn't leave the ship to do that.

So I had decided to skip...then I found out I can take just the classroom courses this time around and pick up the 'below-the-line' (self-paced online ones) later. That's good, because I was afraid if I stopped I'd never finish, and I do like the group of folks I am going to class with right now.

I am taking just one 3 credit course at a time for the next four months. Much better. Sigh. It puts the degree further off but it keeps it in the attainable range.