August 15th, 2003


Moving Lessons Learned.

1. Never assume the cable coming out of the wall is connected to anything. Sometimes it's just connected to the connector coming out of the wall in the next room.

2. Dumping hanging clothes into a box doesn't muss them any more than hauling them out and dumping them into the car. And they stay cleaner. Wish I'd have thought of that earlier.

3. Moving is an excellent occasion for honey-do lists. Too bad I didn't make them.

4. Move the toilet tissue first.

5. Move the food second.

6. Even if you tell hubby where to put the bed when he puts it together, he'll still need a diagram.

7. You can't have too many boxes. You always need one more....

8. Some furniture just belongs on the first matter what its original purpose was.

9. An investment in a good dolly that converts into a cart is an investment well made.

and finally...

10. There is a price to be paid for being a bibliophile.
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