August 8th, 2003


Personality test.

Yesterday in the Leadership class we took a 'personality quiz'. My first andwer sort of skewed the whole thing; I suppose that's what I get for letting my mind wander.

"Imagine you are walking in the woods with someone. Who are you walking with?"
Heaven help me, the only thing I could think of was "The bear who goes in the woods."

"You see an animal. What animal is it?"
"A bear," I write, smiling.

"What interaction do you have with this animal?"
Here's where it all went south, because I wrote "Lunch, of course."

So when the next question said that I came to a clearing and saw my dream house and how big is it, I figured there wasn't much to see inside the bear.

"Does it have a fence?"
"Um, maybe."

"You walk to the dining area. What do you see on the table."
"Bear prints."

"You walk out the back door."
This is where I discover that my mind is in the gutter as usual. "Eeeew, I say."
"And you see a cup," the instructor continues. "What is it made of?"
"Ummm...tin." Yes, I was really writing the "Ummm."

"What do you do with the cup?"
My first impulse was to write "pee in it" but I remembered I was inside the bear. Or in a pile of bear poop. "Nothing." One of the fellows at the table did write that he peed in it.

"There's a big body of water at the edge of the yard. What is it?"
"A lake."

"How will you cross it?"
"Duh. Inside the bear."

"How wet do you get crossing the water?"

Now for the answers. The bear is the most important person in my life ("huh?" I ask.) It also represents the size I perceive my problems are. "Yeah, now we are getting somewhere," I think. The severity of the interaction with the bear is representative of how I deal with my problems. Right on target it is. Lately I seem to be devoured by things I must do. The size of the house is supposed to be my ambition to solve my problems. Well. That explains the apathy. The fence is supposed to represent whether I have an open or closed personality, and yeah, I guess I am somewhere between not wanting unannounced visitors and not caring if dogs go in my yard. If I had a yard. The lack of food, flowers, or people at the table says I am generally unhappy. Okay. I'll buy that. The sturdiness of the cup's material is the durability of the relationship I have with the person in number one. Sort of a wash, this question, although the fellows at my table who had 'myself' in number one and who selected styrofoam cups seem to have a big problem. What you do to the cup represents how you feel about the person in #1. Right on...I have no feelings for the bear who goes in the woods. The lake represents the size of my sexual desire (it always seems to come back to that, eh?), and how wet I got in crossing is supposed to represent the relative importance of my sex life. How wet is one when one is inside a bear's tummy?

Now, what did it all tell me? Quizes like this are stupid.
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Eight years old

Girlchild is eight years old. Right about this minute.

Kid made sure right from the start I understood I'd be losing sleep over her.

Too bad with the Leadership course, the three college courses, the move on Monday, and the upcoming underway period, we can't do much that is special for her until September. And then school starts. Grrr.
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Dual presentations

Two of them finally ready for tomorrow, on incredibly boring subjects: How to absentee vote, and how to apply Operational Risk Management principles to personal recreational activities.

Of course, I only decided to do the risk management because I figured out I could use the trunk monkey commercial - where the fellow in the car is being harrassed by another driver, he pushes the trunk monkey button, and a chimp with a tire iron gets out of the trunk.

I want a trunk monkey.
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