July 16th, 2003


My friends have edumacated me

My online friends are definitely rubbing off on me. Because of them, I've taken time to browse websites I'd never have read as seriously as I have, and learned things about writing that had never occurred to me.

Why do I think of this now? I was browsing an online magazine and read about a writing contest in its message section from a small publishing house.

"The Illuminata, Tyrannosaurus Press' online SF newsletter, is announcing Illuminations, its first speculative fiction writing contest. All entries must be speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, horror, or alternate reality), under 3000 words, and previously unpublished. $10.00 entry fee per submission; multiple submissions welcome. $100 first place prize; prizes will increase if there is sufficient interest in the contest. Top two entries are guaranteed publication in subsequent editions of The Illuminata; all other entries will be considered. Deadline for entries, September 1, 2003. Full submissions guidelines and rules are available at our website."

Curious, I ran a quick search and found the website, where I discovered that Tyrannosaurus Press has exactly one published author with two books. Hmm. The sample didn't impress me at all. A WHOIS search on the domain name proved interesting....

The contest sure looks like someone's found a way to get people to pay to get into the slushpile for a non-paying newsletter. If eleven idiots send him stories and money, then he's made $10.

Assuming anyone wins....

Thing is, before I started associating with certain folks, I'd have never known better. Thanks, gals.
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