July 11th, 2003


A quote and a movie

A quote:

From something I posted elsewhere today: "I like a good discussion but I do like things presented as fact to be, well, true."

A movie:

Sinbad Legend of the Seven Seas T'was okay. I felt odd lauging at the jokes for older people, since we saw it at a matinee that was full of a day-care/summer camp group, most of whom were the girlchild's age or younger. Predictable but not too bad, with some cute one-liners. The sword scene in the beginning just makes me want to see Pirates of the Caribbean even more. Must find a place to stash girlchild.

On another movie note, there's a new Peter Pan movie coming out, with Peter played by (gasp)a BOY! We walked in and Jason Isaacs was on the screen, dressed as John Darling, and takling about the movie. "Damn," I said, "But I think he'd make a better Hook!" Then we saw who was playing the Captain...Isaacs is doing double duty. Yes!
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