June 30th, 2003


Stupid people

I am wondering today how a website that is visited by lots of people, has a bulletin board and live chat, does not carry advertising, and has only recently started selling a pair of tee shirts can possibly make money for it's administrator. Of course, there's one disgruntled former member of that site making that exact allegation. In my opinion, if such a ridiculous thing were true, then the administrator would make much MORE money by telling the rest of us how it was done.


Someone told me that 'Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness' was where the Constitution guaranteed the 'right to privacy'. Not a bad assumption, except that the quote is from the Declaration of Independence.


In the month of June, two police officers have died while trying to make routine traffic stops. The first was an Oceanside officer who was shot by the man he pulled over. (The shooter was an illegal immigrant who had been deported five times for crime.) The second officer was trying to pull over a truck he'd seen sideswipe a few parked cars. The truck made a U-turn and ran the motorcycle officer down. (This criminal has been in and out of prison, and was found to be mentally challenged twenty years ago - to the point that the judge recommended he spend his last two year sentence in the prison's mental facility.)

Here's where the stupid person comes in. (Of course, neither of the two people above ought to have been free to commit those crimes.) Some idiot up in Oceanside decided to try to run over a police officer when the officers approached the car. Now, knowing about the last two events, what the blazes was this person thinking? Of course the police shot him. Fatally. One less case for the overloaded prison system.
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Oh, well....

Some time ago I got some junk mail offering me a free copy of a magazine. It looked interesting, and since I didn't want to subscribe to something that would end up being junk, I took the offer.

Here's the letter I wrote to the subscription office:

"The solicitation I received offered me a free issue of Wilson Quarterly, and the option, as I understood it, to cancel if I did not like the issue. I might actually have liked it, if I had ever seen one.

Instead of a free issue, I received the membership card along with the subscription bill. I held onto it, waiting to see the issue to find out if I wanted to continue.

The issue never came, but your second request for payment did. At this point I can honestly say that even if I found a copy of your magazine somewhere and loved it from cover to cover, I wouldn’t subscribe since I feel that the terms of the solicitation were misrepresented.

Cancel my membership and subscription and do not send me any more offers."

I dropped it in the mailbox, along with three responses to credit card offers (One postage-paid envelope held a Claritin magnet and the other two held each other's offers without our name on them) and then opened my mailbox.

"Yay," I said, "My license plates are here." I eagerly pulled them out, along with the two flyers from a store, and...the magazine I'd just spurned.
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