June 16th, 2003


And the bathroom smelt of elderberries….

Actually, cucumber because of the new cleaning stuff. My leave is nice, but I still got up at 0500 to putz on the computer before Katie woke up. I’ve done eight loads of laundry – and more impressively, put them away – cleaned both bathrooms except for the floors, replaced the litter in the catbox, and tidied part of the bedroom. Sigh. Vacation. Yeah.

I’ve been at the computer a few times, but instead of homework I’ve replied to emails for AFW (the play-by-email writing club) and whacked a whole bunch of monsters in Diablo II. At least I did some research last night for a journal article to read/write about. The Plan of Instruction for the sit-down course is coming to a close; the biggest assignment will be the survey instrument…silly me, I want M. to look over it at work, but I’ll just email it to her.

Stupid things I thought of while running:

It’s really the boy bunnies that are fast.

“Facial Quality” toilet paper must bring us into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act – it’s for the buttheads I can neither confirm nor deny that I work with. For the most part, everyone’s pretty cool, but there are a few….
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