June 1st, 2003


Sailing into the new month

Class day again yesterday. We met our professor for the online course, and I feel a bit more comfortable, but I still wonder what I have gotten myself into. I have to go do an interview as part of one of the courses, and I get so nervous calling or setting up meetings with people I don’t know. Sigh. I did have a story idea bloom that tied in developing curriculum for someone in it, though. Heh.

The sister-in-laws are coming to visit later this month, and I really must get the apartment tidied. I have boxes behind me right now that were never unpacked. We have more room here, but our clutter expanded to fit the space. Still, my place doesn’t look that bad….but thank goodness my underway time week after next got cancelled.

Watched Beowulf last night with the hubby. Christopher Lambert starred in it, and it wasn’t too bad. The movie wasn’t high budget, and occasionally the special effects were not quite there. Fortunately the director chose not to be quite so blood-and-guts-flying-everywhere as the story would have permitted. It sort of had that ‘made for tv’ feel to it.

"June Gloom" has settled in as well. The morning coastal fog is there, and when I came over the bridge from Coronado I looked out at all the haze over the east county. I was up on Point Loma earlier in the week as well, and watching the fog drift around my car was sorta neat. The best fog I've seen is still San Francisco, though. I liked sitting in the bar on Treasure Island and watching the fog roll in.
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