May 29th, 2003


Too Late

Drat! As I suspected, I ought to have been waived from the weight measurements this cycle, but I’d waited until after I saw the neurologist first. Sigh. It didn’t help that neurology had to reschedule until AFTER I’d already weighed, and then I couldn’t get an appointment for screening until a week AFTER I ran. Add to that the fact that I was an obvious idiot when I filled out the risk factor screening – I should have chosen ‘yes’ on one of the blocks, which would have triggered an automatic review of my record prior to being allowed to participate at all. Turns out, I ought not have done ANY of the cycle – no physical test, no weigh in, because there wasn’t adequate time to train due to all of the medical stuff. (As I look back at ‘stuff’ and ‘drat’, I wonder when I decided to go “G” rated, lol.)

If it is too late, then I shall just have a nice, long, detailed statement to go with the page 13 in my record. I shall tilt at that windmill tomorrow.
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Some time ago, the girlchild and I made a list of things she wanted to earn – and it was a surprisingly short list: two movies and an audio book. Over the last few weeks, the girlchild has been slowly accumulating checks in boxes, and when I saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on Ebay, I tried to acquire it on CD. Finally, after three auctions that ran more than I was willing to pay, someone offered a new set with a buy-it-now option…so I did.

After she finished a substantial amount of homework – basically an entire week’s worth in one day – I gave her the CD set. She was thrilled, and then we decided to go fetch dinner and listen to some of the book in the Escape.

We got Burger King, where I discovered that the Big Kid’s chicken tenders Meal cost ten cents more than the smallest adult combo, which had more fries, more chicken, and more drink. That was one expensive cheap plastic toy.

After that, we drove, eating our dinner and listening to Jim Dale performing Harry Potter. We took a new bit of freeway just to see where it went (It went to a stretch of four lane street until it turned into freeway again further south.) then looped back up and passed the turn for the apartment. Cold Stone was our next stop, and Katie got coffee ice cream with coconut and chocolate chips. I got cheesecake ice cream with white chocolate. Only after we were sitting down did I notice that they had a kid’s size. Oh, well. They also had lids.

By the time we got home again, we’d listened to the entire first disc – four chapters.

Some days I do manage some degree of cool-mom-ness.
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