May 28th, 2003


More environmental mail...

How did I end up on an environmental mailing list? The Nature Conservancy sent me a snail mail today, but unlike the ridiculous phone solicitation I commented on before or the mail I returned to the Sierra Club for recycling, I might actually send them money...but I am afraid it’ll be like spam...hit one and all of a sudden you get tons....

Ah, well. I can always send the unwanted ones back in the postage-paid envelopes. Unless one comes from PETA. Then I’d have to move. Those people are crazy.


Today I pulled into the apartment complex, stopped to open the garage door, and told the wilting girlchild that she didn’t have to wait in the car while I parked. She could wait on the steps if hubby were already gone.

So she gets out, and after gentle (yeah, right) prompting not to dally in the parking lot she disappeared around the corner. I parked, locked up the Escape, locked the garage (and noted how nicely that new lock operates), then headed toward the apartment myself.

She wasn’t in sight, which is reasonable, so I tamped down my brief flare of anxiety by telling myself that we let her out to play in the gated complex all the time, so this wasn’t any different.

I get about to the pool when one of the neighbors says…”Did you hear what’s been happening to children around here?”

Anxiety flared full force.

He told me that young girls, about four-ish, have been getting attacked/kidnapped over the last couple of days in the blocks surrounding our complex, and that one happened in the complex next door.

“Did you see (girlchild)?” Terror sets my heart beating when he gives me a puzzled look, so of course I hurry a few yards to see her sitting patiently on the stairs.

Panic subsides.

I hate living in cities.

Needless to say, Mamma had a chat with the girlchild, explaining what had happened in the area. Sheltering her does her no favors if something bad happens. I just hope that if the worst ever happens, she remembers to make lots of noise, and uses every trick they taught her at karate.

Of course, she isn’t going out without either one of us or an adult we trust. Even in this gated complex.
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