May 24th, 2003


Absolutely Incredible

In today’s mail was a thick packet wanting me to change my long distance service…and they promised me twelve pints of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. Of course I opened it! As I read the information, I simply had to go to the website. The more I read, the more amazed I got that Working Assets actually sent me their soy-ink recycled paper invitation to support several organizations working against things I believe in. The way it works: A percentage of my monthly long distance would go to a pool supporting fifty organizations chosen each year. Perhaps it might have been different if I could choose only one organization to support, but no. It’s all pre-determined – by members, but still pre-determined.

I did learn quite a bit by reading their letter. “For the practical minded, I think you’ll agree that Working Assets is pretty much ideal.” Guess I’m not practically-minded.

Some of these organizations are incredible.

There’s Africa Action whose premise seems to be that all debts owed by African nations are illegitimate, and that because other governments haven’t poured more money into AIDS treatment in Africa (due to racism), those governments (not the African governments, mind you)are guilty of a crime against humanity. I suppose if we tried to tell one of the African governments how to run themselves so they could adequately take care of their people this group would also be against our 'interference'. Can't have it both ways.

The Ploughshares are the folks that go throwing their own blood on military facilities and hardware, and go banging with hammers. Ugh. With all of the concerns about diseases now, I’d say blood comes pretty close to a weapon…and imagine the Biohaz cleanup bill.

People for the American Way just sounded scary. Then I went to the website. Shudder.

Rethinking Schools would pretty much teach my child everything bass-ackwards of what we believe. Yeah. I’m going to support this one.

I find it hypocritical that The Brady Campaign is listed immediately above a place calling itself the Center for Constitutional Rights. What about my Second Amendment Rights?

In fairness, there are a few organizations I actually would support, and might have considered switching my long distance had I been able to support only them.

Project Vote was most helpful in the last elections.

Planned Parenthood has always been about more than abortion. I remember when I was going to college…many of the women I knew went there because it was available and inexpensive. They do good things.

At least they sent me snail mail instead of spamming my email. I think in protest I shall not recycle their paper. I don't know why I ended up on their list, particularly after I sent The Sierra Club's information back to them in their own postage-paid envelope explaining where their and my views differed.

But the Ben and Jerry’s was so very tempting.
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More reading...

As usual, Mary Stewart didn’t disappoint me with The Moon-spinners. This one was another English-girl-on-Greek-holiday-finds-intrigue-and-romance novels, and I enjoyed it a great deal. The plot was predictable but interesting. Sometimes I just want to escape.

After that, I picked up Witches Abroad and laughed more than I have on any other Terry Pratchett book. I think hubby might actually read this one, particularly after I read him some short passages dealing with Nanny Ogg’s cat. I love that cat. My Bud is entirely too lazy to ever be like Greebo, but when I was a kid we had a ginger tom who always came back battered.

Next up: Whatever looks interesting when I have a free moment.
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