May 21st, 2003


Busy Busy

Started classes, now I’m a full-time student – of course, things might have been easier had I done my qual for one of the courses at work last week, instead of this week. I’ll be giving the lesson this afternoon. The information will flow, though.

The new vehicle is still pretty neat. The radio used to come on unpredictably with the key out of the ignition, and it turned out that there was a small leak in the windshield that let water into the Escape. Water got into the fuse box and shorted something in the radio. Oddly enough, I’ve heard of this before from someone who had her windshield replaced. Lucky for us it has been pretty rainy here for the month of April, or we might not have found the problem until much later.

In another four days Insurance will consider the Saturn gone for good. Sigh.

Must do more homework tonight. Monday, I really, really wanted to write, so I did. Last night, I crashed early, so tonight….Maybe.
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