May 6th, 2003


Cars and Fish and Cats

Car. Made it to work this morning in the rental car. My consciousness knows that the Hyundai Accent is bigger than a hamster ball, but my subconscious still wants to make my feet move on the floorboards. And it’s white. I hate white cars. We’re going car shopping this weekend, if the credit union approves the loan we asked for. Even if they don’t, we’re still going test-driving, and I can guarantee we’re driving something larger than that Hyundai. The girlchild likes it, of course, because she’s _small_.

Fish. In other news, I finally bought the small aquarium that we promised the girlchild. It fits really nicely on the Ikea shelving, and the bright plastic top and bottom go well with the other plastics in her room. (I think I’ve watched too many home improvement shows.) We’ll get the gravel and whatever else we’re going to stick in it tomorrow, then fill it and get the water circulating through the filter for a few days before we buy the fish.

Cats. I also finally bought one of those cat shelves that go in the windowsill. I am anxious to see if it will actually support Bud’s weight. Perhaps I’m feeling guilty that I’m about to buy a fish that they won’t be permitted to eat?
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