May 5th, 2003


Car gone.

Going to work this morning hit a small snag. I walked up to the garage, taking care to step over the dried residue from the last time the sewer overflowed, and stopped in front of the garage door…and stared. The lock was missing and the door wasn’t closed quite like usual. Resolving to have a few words with the hubby about forgetting to lock the door – why I should think to do so, when he has _never_ forgotten – I reached for the handle and opened it.

The garage didn’t have a car in it. Moreover, there were empty spaces that should not have been empty. My mind failed to grasp exactly what I was seeing, although the open boxes sitting on the floor where the car _ought_ to have been should have clued me in. I pulled my cell phone from my pocket, intending to call up to the house and ask hubby where he’d parked the car last…and get the Cingular message menu. “Argh!” I think, then walk up to the apartment. “In the garage,” he answers in response to my question.

So I go back down to close the garage door, trying not to touch anything although it’s too late now. Hubby calls the sheriff, which is good, because I’m still not quite coherent. I don’t see the rifle anywhere, and that’s probably the most valuable thing that was down there. Toolbox gone, and there are empty spaces where things ought to have been. With relief I notice that the Dell box my laptop came in is open but there – that’s where the family pictures are. Later, when on the phone with the insurance lady – thank you for being so helpful, Crystal @ State Farm – some of the empty spaces start to resolve themselves into things that were…like the girlchild’s bicycle. She didn’t ride it much, but like any child she keenly misses it’s loss, because doggone it, it was _hers_. She was mollified when I explained that we’d get her another, and she could help pick it out.

My Saturn was _mine_. The seats reeked from all of the stuff the girlchild spilled onto them, and so did the carpets. The steering wheel’s soft cover was getting worn and rough, and the plastic speaker covers on the doors rattled. But it was mine, and paid for. If we have to replace it, then the hubby has to wait longer for the motorcycle I’d promised him.

Still waiting for the sheriff before I go root around and find out what is missing. I already know one irreplaceable item is gone, and that’s the tee shirt that was in the gym bag (along with my new running shoes, dammit) in the back of the car. The blue tee shirt was from Decatur’s CPO mess, and it had a really neat skull on the back with a chief’s hat on it. My combination cover (nearly $50) irritated me too, but at least I have another that I just have to buy a khaki cover for.

I work with some great folks. I would have had to teach a class today, but T, bless him, said he’d take care of it. I don’t think I was up to providing a quality product anyway.
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