April 28th, 2003


On Writing

I feel so distant from everything tucked away in my story folders, and I think it’s because I am afraid. Completing something actually means I’d need to let people read it, and then I’d have no excuse for not submitting to Viable Paradise as one of my friends keeps suggesting. I just think anything I’d write before the deadline would be, well, tossed off and certainly less than what such a workshop deserves.

Or so I keep telling myself.
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I’m finally getting a degree! I feel silly being excited over an Associate in General Studies degree, but doggone it, I have earned it and I want it. After nearly eighteen years of courses here and there, it’s nice to see something besides a collection of transcripts.

The nice lady at SIU turned me to the Central Texas College rep at Navy campus when she noticed I’d met CTC’s requirements. I’m still going with SIU’s WED program, even though I’ll lose half my weekends for the next year, because by the time I roll back to sea duty I want my bachelor's degree finished. I like the program well enough, and it suits the current job’s travel requirements. Besides, I thought, no one offers any degrees in English online.

Then of course, once I’m all enrolled again at SIU, what do I find? Saint-Mary-of-the-Woods and their external degree program. Sigh. But I can complete the SIU program faster, and THEN I will do Saint-Mary’s for ME.
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