April 23rd, 2003


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Today I got a catalog for community learning classes, with listings for ballroom dancing, CPR, basic word processing classes, and things like that. What really caught my interest, though, was this: http://www.cuyamaca.net/preview/Writing.asp -- Learn to publish your book! Wonderful, I thought. If I had a book.

I was interested. I searched Google. I searched Amazon. I searched Barnes and Noble. The person teaching the class has indeed published books -- on the Singles scene in San Diego, on how to do things cheaply in San Diego....yeah. So I'll look up the publisher, I thought. I couldn't find 'Pacifica Books, etc' listed anywhere, and the rest were published by the author's own publishing group.

I get the picture.

And for this I would pay $25, plus another $5 for a resource pack?

I don't think so.
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