Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,


Right before we pulled away from the pier, we got mail. Yay! I got three
packages I'd ordered from Barnes & Noble, and one package from Mom.

So now I have:

Scardown by Elizabeth Bear
The Speed of Dark by Elizabeth Moon
Hat Full of Sky by Terry Pratchett
A Secret Atlas by Michael Stackpole
A John Mayer cd
Sands of Iwo Jima
The Dirty Dozen
Full Metal Jacket
And a box of yummy tea.

So now my day is much nicer. It started out pretty crappy. The senior CSTT
folks got our asses handed to us this morning--mostly justified--and I had
to dump out a package for tomorrow's drill set since today's is now
officially screwed because we didn't get the package done in time. (But
tomorrow's package looks pretty good. Unless I got something bass-ackwards
again.) Currently trying to refine a package for Friday's drill set.

Hmm. Drill package. Basically, it's a set of documents that tell us where
we are pretending to be for the purposes of the exercise, who will be
observing or training which persons, what we're going to 'break'
equipment-wise, and what is going to happen from a tactical perspective.
There's a timeline telling everyone on the training team exactly when things
will happen, and another set of documents for the watch team so that they
can get into the 'world'. A drill is just a big Role Playing Game with
expensive toys. :o)

And I'm really happy that I have more books. I've already read the four I
bought in Singapore (War for the Oaks by Emma Bull, Sahara by
Clive Cussler, The Last Kingdom by Bernard Cornwell, and Johnny
and the Dead
by Terry Pratchett.) and just finished up The Stainless
Steel Rat
. I'm very pleased to find that I still love reading about
Slippery Jim.

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