Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,


Had a great time. I love the way some of the place-names sound, like Tanah
Merah and
Al-junied. Took a couple of tours, had some good food, and bought a little
bit of stuff.

Got myself a neat tee shirt at the Hard Rock Cafe on the first day in port.
Ate there, too--yummy pork sandwich. Camera survived being bounced across
the concrete, which is a relief since I just got the dratted thing before
deployment. Second day, took two tours. Got pictures of butterflies, and
a few other pictures on the morning tour to Sentosa Island. Didn't take
pictures inside the aquarium, and we actually went through it faster than
the tour guide alloted. That gave me and my liberty buddy a few minutes to
hit up a little deli for somethign to eat and a little bar for a beer. Puff
pastry with cheese inside goes really well with Corona. Hopped off the tour
bus at the train station and ate at a food-stall market area. Yummy plate
of noodles and pork and won-tons for $2.50 Singapore dollars, which equates
to $1.50 US. Onto the train we went, and then off again for a couple of
beers. A quick shower and change of clothes back on the ship, and then out
again for the Singapore at Night tour. Mediocre chinese food for dinner,
but it was all edible. Discovered I like something called 'almond jelly.'
Bought something neat for the girl at a night market. Discovered that I
must be getting old, since my liberty buddy and I headed for the Starbucks
instead of the bar when we made the last brief stop.

Pictures to follow later, when I get some batteries for the camera.

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