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The best-laid plans ...

... often go astray. Not able to accomplish anything I intended for the
last couple of days, for various reasons. A bit frustrating, but that's the
way things go. Good thing I'm used to adapting plans at the last minute.
Semper Gumby.

But that's done. Today was more productive personally, and I think the
division got quite a bit done. Always a relief to discover that the
equipment you thought was fixed was indeed fixed, and it was the test rig
that was bad.

I simply must stop taking on 'extras'. In addition to the training team
stuff, I've signed on for two shorter-term projects. I'm heading one of the
committees for the Tiger Cruise (where kids or parents or relatives and such
come ride the ship enroute to homeport) on the way home. Fortunately, I've
got one that will pretty much wrap up once we've got everyone onboard and
we're about a day out. Fortunate, because while I would enjoy having a
larger role in the activities, I also signed on to work with the CPO
transition, which will be overlapping the Tiger Cruise. I chose training,
of course, because that's where my best skills lie. After all, the Navy
paid for a big chunk of that tuition, so might as well use it. Not heading
that committee, but planning to do right by the new CPOs.

But if I stick anything else on that pile, I might regret it.

I think I may be rambling. It's getting late and I'm still
caffinated--which is better than being sleepy, because I've still got things
to do tonight.

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