Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,

What a day....

Loooong day. Didn't check up on some things I should have. Took my
well-deserved butt-chewing and carried on with the day. That
particular mistake won't be happening again.

Been a bit short tempered, though. Today would be the day that someone else
pushed my buttons and caught full-blast raging me. He survived, though.
Must admit, though, that I didn't approach the situation from a
conflict-resolution angle.

And thus I am at the age-old dilemma: Do I let someone hang himself through
his own hubris/idiocy/whateveritis, or do I back him up, do part of his job
for him, and take care of the ship?

But no real choice there. Duty first. Hanging later. Unless I can figure
out how to do both. :o)

In other news, still just having one morning Coca-cola and getting the rest
of the caffiene from coffee. Steadily losing weight. Wish I'd packed the
uniforms that were snug. Darn. And the new skort I got from Eddie Bauer
now needs safety pins if I'm to wear it. Maybe I should order another in a
size smaller?

Hoping the schedule settles out soon and we get the Tiger Cruise
confirmation. Looking forward to having the girlchild out here with me,
even if she will miss some school.

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