Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,


I've gotten used to the helicopter noise. I think I will miss it when we
aren't flying.

My favorite hours of the day are when my LPO (Leading Petty Officer) and my
EMO (Electronics Material Officer--my boss) are on watch, and the other ETC
is sleeping for his watch. That's when I get my alone-time in the office.
(See, on any Myers-Briggs, I always peg as an introvert. I need
alone-time to recharge.)

Down to 174 this morning. Looking to drop below 169 so I don't have to
endure the tape measure around the butt. I really, really don't want to
know how big my behind is. Now, to be fair, the measurement is actually at
the hips rather than the butt, although it's close enough.

So far, I seem to be avoiding the crud that's going around. I bet I end up
sick when everyone else is feeling great. Probably somewhere when we have
good liberty. :o(

The kid should be out of school now. Hope she has a good summer.

And that's it for now. Back to work.

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