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My ship

At some point in time over the last couple of months, this ship quit being
"the ship" and turned into "my ship." That's a good thing....

I've turned into a coffe drinker overnight. I'd cut my coca-cola back to
one or two a day (as opposed to a six-pack or more on the last ship), but I
really needed that morning caffiene. Then the soda machines went empty for
a day because the person who filled them had operational duties elsewhere on
the ship.... I had the unenviable choice of waiting for my withdrawl
headache or drinking a Diet Coke and waiting for the aspartaime headache. I
went for the Diet Coke and a pair of Tylenol.

The next morning, the machines were full, but Coca-cola has 140 calories of
pure sugar. I still need to drop about eight pounds to avoid having to be
measured with the tape, so ... something had to change. The mess has a big
coffee pot and a large supply of Splenda, so there's the answer. I already
mentioned the stuff in the little cans in Sasebo, so I just mix up my coffee
and ice it down in my mug and it's all good. And free.

No sugar. Free. Caffiene. Life is good.



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Jun. 24th, 2005 01:11 am (UTC)
Good for you! Ernie and I both need to do weight watchers and lose some of the weight we've both put on. My size 12 jeans don't fit anymore because I'm too big for them. I'm not supposed to have caffeine - migraine trigger - so I'm going to try and drink flavored selzer.

(no subject) - mswagner - Jun. 25th, 2005 12:30 am (UTC) - Expand
Jun. 26th, 2005 05:41 pm (UTC)
Spenda is my FRIEND. I wish you had access to some of the great Splenda-sweetened sodas. You would *love* them. But when you need the caffiene, I'm not sure that anything beats coffee.

ASSpartame. Heh. That's some horrid stuff.
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