Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,

My ship

At some point in time over the last couple of months, this ship quit being
"the ship" and turned into "my ship." That's a good thing....

I've turned into a coffe drinker overnight. I'd cut my coca-cola back to
one or two a day (as opposed to a six-pack or more on the last ship), but I
really needed that morning caffiene. Then the soda machines went empty for
a day because the person who filled them had operational duties elsewhere on
the ship.... I had the unenviable choice of waiting for my withdrawl
headache or drinking a Diet Coke and waiting for the aspartaime headache. I
went for the Diet Coke and a pair of Tylenol.

The next morning, the machines were full, but Coca-cola has 140 calories of
pure sugar. I still need to drop about eight pounds to avoid having to be
measured with the tape, so ... something had to change. The mess has a big
coffee pot and a large supply of Splenda, so there's the answer. I already
mentioned the stuff in the little cans in Sasebo, so I just mix up my coffee
and ice it down in my mug and it's all good. And free.

No sugar. Free. Caffiene. Life is good.


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