Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,

Underway again....

Y'all do realize that I'm seldom where I'm posting about by the time I get
around to posting?

Townsville was a lovely, relaxing place to visit. Good food, and the
weather was perfect. Went to a mayor's reception and spent lots of time
talking with fellows I knew from other ships, and some time talking with two
members of what would be the American Legion here. Nice folks. And Aussie
wine has one heck of a kick.

Some things didn't go so well, but I won't go into them now. Let's just say
that at one point, I got some work-related news that made me feel like I'd
been body-slammed against a brick wall. But all is well with me.

More work to do than time to do it. As one of the Aussies put it down at
lunch today, instead of working 24/7 it's like I'm doing 25/8. It'll lull
out again, though. Peaks and lulls.

And somewhere on this ship are the 13 pounds I've lost since checking aboard
back in March. I hope I don't find them again.

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