Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,

Yes, I'm okay.

Oddly enough, I had a few more pints the evening that I put up the last
entry...but Dawn is wise enough not to try to 'keep up' with the fellows.
With this being a working port ofr the first few days, I didn't get out
until after dinner Monday and Tuesday, and most of the shops were closed by
then. Wednesday (yesterday) we got out and had a lovely steak at the Hog's
Breath Cafe and managed to do a bit of shopping.

Lots of lovely beers on tap here. I don't go for the darker ones, but the
fellows who do got to enjoy Guinness on tap. I liked a few of the pale
ales, and of course, Victoria Bitter. When it comes in pints, who in their
right mind is buying it in bottles, eh?

One of the guys won a sexy chest contest at The Vic on Tuesday. Stone-cold
sober and 'Shrek' is up there stripping off his shirt and pouring a beer on
himself. He did win. :o) Chubbiest fellow up there. Voting of course was
traditional bar-voting, and the fellow who got the most noise from the crowd
won. My throat hurt the next day from screaming. That, and constantly
yelling, "Where's my buddy?" as we trotted from bar to bar. My buddy was
always there, but one has to make sure one hasn't lost the buddy!

We go on liberty with the buddy system, from the Captain on down. When I
leave the ship, my liberty buddy and I must sign the log on the way out, and
then sign back in when we return. I am responsible for my buddy's behavior,
and he/she's responsible for mine. My buddies have learned that I get very
noisy and very happy when I've got a couple of pints down. But I do that
without a few pints, too, lol.

And now I must go finish auditing the tag-out log. (When we must work on
equipment and secure power or water to it to make it safe to work on, we tag
breakers and switches and valves with DANGER tags. Once a week or prior to
getting underway, we audit the log and make sure all tags are hanging that
need to be and that all tags are cleared for completed work.)

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