Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,

Ducky day reflected upon.

Saturday, 14 May 05, 2242

So ... I woke at 3am this morning, and damned lucky to do it. When i rolled
the time back on my alarm clock and reset the alarm for 0245, I set it for
1445 instead. (That's 2:45am and 2:45 pm.) D'oh! But I'd only got to
sleep at 2230 (10:30pm).

And now I am on watch until midnight. Got to hold out for forty-five

All of you folks that donated to the Girl Scouts' Operation Thin Mint?
Bless you. We took stores and such today, and there were a couple of
pallets of cookies. :o)

How does a ship get stores underway? We pull up alongside a replenishment
ship -- usually less than 500 feet -- and send over lines. I realize as I
type that I'm too tired to make a good, coherent explanation. Let's just
say that the pallets come over on thick lines, and they are moved by
manpower. And that the ships are very close together.

Got mail, too. A letter from my aunt and a book I'd ordered via half.com.
:o) Both pleasant.

When the corpsmen were giving training today on basic wound treatments, I
nearly broke into a laugh. See, we had an 'amputation' as one of the
training items, and seeing the plastic fake stump (for more realistic
training) made me think of making chili. Bad Dawn!

14 May 05, 1650

But it was a great day! Any day is a good day when I get to shoot. I
totally screwed the second round out of the pistol. The double-action first
round doesn't give me trouble any more, but the second always goes elsewhere
until I get used to the two different pulls. Still, I shot for 175/180
points. Not bad!

Some down points to the day, but shooting makes up for it all.

As I cruised the passageway on my way from one training event to another, I
remembered the GMC that I used to work with on USS SAMUEL GOMPERS. He was a
nice man, and one night I answered the phone while he was off mustering part
of the duty section. Spent an hour just chatting with his wife, and when he
finally did return to the office, I said, "Your wife called, and she wants
you to call her back. And I'm invited to dinner on Thursday." (Or whatever
day it was.)

Good people, they were. From Colorado. But what makes me remember him is
that he used to use support poles and the edges of doorways to make quick
changes in direction, and I've found myself doing the same thing lately.
His habit was memorable because his wedding band got caught one night. They
had to cut it off his finger so they could sew the skin back together.

Thirty minutes to go before I can go sleep.

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