Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,


Locked my key inside my locker today, and had to get the Master-at-Arms to
cut the lock off for me. Now I feel like a complete idiot.

Long day again. Up at 0300 to go stand watch; that wouldn't have been a
problem except that I went to bed at 2200. 2200 wouldn't have been a
problem except that I thought, "Yeah. Let's read one more chapter." Which
wouldn't have been a problem except that it was too close to the end to
quit. What I'm getting at in my ramble is that I got about four hours of
sleep and it's all my fault.

So much going on around me--and I don't find it appropriate to speak of most
of it here. Operational security, of course, and personal privacy, and not
airing my dirty laundry out for everyone--but I'm glad that I'm here. Good
crew, good chief's mess ... good to be here.

The hangar bay doors have a red/yellow diagonal stripe right in front of
them, and beyond is the elevator for lifting aircraft to the flight deck.
The elevator is raised right now. When they open the doors I like to stand
on the inside of the red/yellow stripe and feel the breeze. A bit of wind
in my hair, but no salt on my lips. Or my glasses. ;o)

Oh, and by the way? Mondays are great days to skip while crossing the date

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