Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,


Let's talk about showers.

I love feeling the warm water cascade over my body. The water washes away
my tension, my worries, my frets about the day--and opens my mind. My
imagination unlocks, and I roam through worlds of my own design. Sometimes
I sing.

But on a ship, I can't do that. Here, the only water we have is what we
make. Here's a description of a Navy shower:

- Wait for your turn. (I'm fortunate in that we only have five female CPOs
right now to share one shower stall.)
- Turn on the water and hope it gets warm.
- Hop in and get everything you want to wash wet.
- Turn off the water using the little button on the shower nozzle.
- Lather up.
- Turn the water back on, and squeal like a baby when the water's cold
- Rinse and get out.

So I don't get a whole lot of time for reflection any more--but then again,
I don't get a lot of time for anything else, either.

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