Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,


Deploying is so routine that the ship doesn't even dress for it any more.
We left in working uniforms instead of whites. More comfortable, though.

Had my feet kicked up on my desk yesterday at lunchtime, and my LPO
commented that it was an unwise thing to do since the chair had wheels and
the ship was underway--and I pointed out that this ship doesn't move hardly
at all. Not compared to destroyers, anyway. Hee! By the way, my 'Haggit'
monkey sits just fine at the base of the monitor on my desk.

Falling into routine already. Now that the hurry-up-and-go period is over,
we've got the time to actually get paperwork done on time, rather than
rushing about playing catch-up. Still, must keep on top of things or it'll
be rushrushrush again.

And now back to some of those 'things'.

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