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The nasturtiums are really beautiful. So many shades of red and orange and yellow! I think I shall always plant those. Below them, the blueberry plant has really leafed out, and the chives and carrots are starting to make an appearance. Radishes are going nuts, and I might have to thin them out for hubby before I leave.

Red geraniums in a blue glazed pot have to be the most beautiful combination. I love them. And they are doing so well! So many flower heads. The blue lobelia that moved itself last year (from one pot into another!) is also doing very well in its new pot. The jasmine is covered in fragrant white blooms. Those three plants and Tree-Bob the Ficus are the only things we planted this year that aren't edible.

The marjoram that we think the cat peed on is the only thing not doing well. I'm digging that out and replacing it, perhaps today. Shaking pepper onto them seems to have helped, although we also spread citrus peel, so maybe both together....

The tomatoes are growing. One of the pepper plants has blooms already! Much green-and-growing.

Budcat spends so much time lounging on the bench (from these pictures) that he smells like the oil finish when I come home. Samantha prefers to lay in the grass up by the geraniums. The girl lays on the bench and reads, and both she and the hubby like to eat outside at the table. I just like to go out and look at everything.


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Apr. 24th, 2005 10:22 pm (UTC)
The Engineering plant ... the a/c plants. ;o)

But as for green, growing things--there are a few plastic ones in the dining areas.
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