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Video Teleconferencing.

That was my priority of the day. And one other thing that's not working so well, but I don't talk about those.

But the guys got it all hooked up and tested, so that's one more monkey off our backs. On to the next one.


The cats are always so demanding when I come home after having duty aboard. (Which means I slept on the ship) I think one of them has finally figured out that something's up. Speaking of duty, this will be the first deployment I can remember that I didn't have duty the night before. Now we actually have to think about how I'm getting there that morning, and whether they'll stay to watch the ship go. Daily routine usually wins.


Dropped the bomb on the division today about the changes we're making to the watchstanding and underway daily routine. Give 'em the weekend to think it over, and I am sure that Monday there will be comments and questions. Which is actually a good thing. Input is considered. I know change sucks.

But I think they'll be better techs for it in the end.


On another note, I found out that one pair of my coveralls is soooo much smaller than the others. Had a bit of anxiety on Monday when I put 'em on and they were snug. And short. The only part that fit very well was the sleeves, which are usually a cuff too long. Will definitely note the manufacturer next time.


Now a weekend breather, and it's back into the harness for the final pull.


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