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The dumbest argument

I've just seen the dumbest argument for not doing anything about Social Security:

And don't forget Social Sicurity. Privatise my ass! I can't be expected to handle that, I'll be living on the street!

Yeah I'll have my own little bit, but SS needs to be there for us.

Can't be expected to handle that? Living on the street? What the hell?

And from someone under 20 years old, too.


I could see arguments regarding risk, or regarding the potential for stock market crashes, or distrust in fund managers, or tons of other arguments.

But 'can't be expected to handle that'?

Why the hell not?

I guess we had better stick that person in an institution somewhere, because s/he probably can't be expected to handle any other financial matters in his/her life, like rent, utility bills, grocery purchases, and such.


I'll be honest. The biggest attraction to the proposed plan is that some of that money will be mine. Under my control. Not subject to whatever Congress decides to do with it. And it's mine to leave to my child or to charity or to little green men on Mars, but all of the money I paid into Social Security disappears when I die.

And the second biggest appeal is the knowledge that every dime paid into Social Security gets spent by Congress every year. Sure, it gets replaced by bonds or whathaveyou, but those get paid back--by future workers.

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