Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,

Saw Sahara this evening. Enjoyed very much.

Less than two weeks before I'm leaving. There's so much left to do, and we won't get to some of it. I think I'd be pulling out my hair except that I've done one of these short-notice deployments before. I fear the whole Navy is going to get used to doing them.

The documentation is the real kicker, though. I know that not every job my folks do makes it into the maintenance reporting system, but I have to get them reporting what they do or else the bean-counters have yet more reasons to cut manning. OJT (On the job training) happens all the time, but we don't log it. Lots of paperwork. And then there are the little admin details that I'm scrambling to learn about. Argh.

Busy two weeks coming up, and then we can pause to breathe--but then we have to hit some of the other things that fell by the wayside while working on material condition.

Sigh. But I live for this.

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