Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,

Busy days busy nights

But this morning, on the way to quarters, I tripped over a tie-down chain in
the hangar bay. [Tie down chains do just that: tie something down to the
deck so it doesn't move.] As I was falling towards the nonskid [nonskid is
sort of like exceptionally rough paint. It has ridges and points and such
for traction.] I had plenty of time to think this is going to hurt.
But fortunately, I only scuffed about a thumbprint-sized bit of skin off my
knee, and didn't do a thing to the palms of my hands. Yay! Of course, I
did it right in front of the whole darned division. Argh! All is well,

Late night for me last night, too. I hate writing things for people for
events that happened before I got here. Pretty much done with that, except
for the PO3 evaluations coming up in June--but I'll have seen much more of
them by then. [Evaluations are just that: performance evaluations. Due
annually for everyone.]

'Nuff for now. Got more to do before it's time to sleep.

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