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Spanish law is about to mandate how household duties are shared out. The new law will definitely have impact in divorce proceedings, and might cause men to get less time with their children if they haven't been helping with care and housework.

Seems rather unfair to the kids, to me. And definitely unfair to everyone else.


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Apr. 10th, 2005 05:56 pm (UTC)
I'm torn on this. On one hand, I think something had to give if that many men were really slacking about their duties. If they aren't doing anything to take care of their kids now, it's borderline harmful for them to spend all that much time with them on their own in the event of a divorce. They won't know HOW to take care of their kids! That has the potential to go so very badly.

On the other, if women would stand up and say, "I'm not marrying a slacker", this wouldn't be necessary. A good marriage should have this built in. The article says something about feminists, and if women want change, it's my opinion they have to make the changes in their own lives. If men figured out "oh, I don't get the wife and the kids and the house and everything if I'm a dick?" they'd be more likely to knock it off than having a law shoved in their face. If women aren't doing this, aren't making sure that these men will help before they marry them (I seriously doubt that these men were helping out and then just one day quit), they really don't have anyone but themselves to blame for choosing a terminally bad mate.
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