Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,

Through my fingers like water.

I have spent money going to sea duty before. I have spent money getting ready for deployment. But I haven't done both since 1991.

Today I got myself a new blankie, since the ones I used on the last ship have been appropriated by the girl. So I decided to splurge a bit more as I scanned the clearance aisle, and found a nice, bright patchwork. And I do mean bright. It's got yellow and purple and lime green and orange and pink, and they all seem to work together very well. I figured I just might want something cheerful at the end of the day. That mood carried as I debated over towels. White? Dark blue, to wash with coveralls? Khaki colored? Nope, I decided, I want color. Purple. And while I was at it, I bought a new bathmat for the bathroom here at home in the same color.

But the most I've spent on any one thing is a digital camera to take with me. :o) It does video clips, too! (Although I guess I'm not yet approaching the amount I spent before the deployment in which I bought a laptop, huh?) Pictures during the deployment to follow.
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