Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,

One more week of leave, and then it's full-swing back into deployment preparations. Gosh, but I'd love to have one planned in advance again.

So what pleasant things are planned for the week? Housecleaning. Lots of housecleaning. Ugh. But if all of the crap all over the place gets picked up, then we'll call up one of the cleaning services and arrange for a weekly cleaning.

I'll need to order new uniform shirts, too. Mine are a bit snug, both from fabric shrinkage and personal expansion. Unfortunately, the two I bought in the Uniform shop were short sleeve. Must be new. Don't remember those from last time on sea duty, or I'd surely have bought one or two on purpose. Now, though, the working uniform is coveralls, and if I plan to leave for some reason I can change into the long sleeved wash khakis or just put on the summer khaki. [The difference? Working khakis are poly-cotton and the only insignia are the warfare pin, the anchors, and sometimes the name tag. Summer khaki is a nicer poly-wool with ribbons and such as well as the anchors and warfare pin.] Must remember to pick up the pants I left to be hemmed, too, and I think perhaps I want to make at least one run to drop things off on the ship. Getting all of my uniforms back into shape is costing a lot. Too bad I can't take it off on my taxes--but since we don't own a home it's more beneficial to take the standard deduction.

Kiddo and her papa have been working on her project that's due Thursday. She chose to make a model of a gold rush town, although this one is in the very early stages and has tents all around. She made the tents and buildings from Crayola model magic, and they came out very nice. All that's left is to do the groundcover.

Bud has to go to the groomer, too. He's way too fuzzy, and it's about to get warm again.

Been thinking on a lot of issues lately, but I think those are for a separate posting. This one's way too domestic.

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