Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,

Duty again last night. The wind yesterday was something fierce down on the piers; I am thankful that it eased by 0330 when I went on watch. Learned a few things, such as what that overboard discharge below the elevator was. [Overboard discharge is anything that exits the ship and enters the water.] It turned out to be seawater making its way back into the bay after travelling through a few pipes.

Watched USS LastShip observe sunrise very, very late this morning. When a ship observes sunrise, the red aircraft warning lights atop the masts are turned off, the waterline security lights are turned off lights that point at the water], other topside lights are turned off, and a collection of flags and pennants are hoisted depending on what is appropriate. For example, there's a pennant that proclaims that the CO is ashore--it's called Third Substitute and it is a white pennant with a black stripe lengthwise. [See flag/pennant pictures here.] It also has a particular halyard it's supposed to fly on. When a squadron commander or flag officer [admiral] is embarked [taken up residence/office space aboard], then First Substitute is used for his abscence and Second Sub for his Chief of Staff or Chief Staff Officer. [CoS or CSO are basically the 'Executive Officer' of the Squadron or unit.] The Squadron Commander or Flag Officer also has a Squadron Pennant or a starred flag that also flies.

Now that the Sub pennants are up, there's another set that a ship may or may not fly. Each pier has a Senior Officer Present Afloat, or SOPA. The ship with the senior officer aboard flies the pennant 'Designation', and here in this port flies the flags denoting the pier number below. Hence, a ship on pier two will fly 'Desig Two' and one on pier thirteen will fly 'Desig One Three'. Got it?

So where was I going with this? Oh, yeah. LastShip. They waited a long time before turning out their lights and hoisting flags and pennants. *Sigh.*

In other news, going on leave tomorrow. Spent an hour or so preparing a list of everything that went on as pass-down [information to be shared at a shift of responsibilities] for my EMO [Electronics Material Officer, who is also my Division Officer.] People, events, equipment status, piddly crap that we've been asked for and taken care of--everything listed in tabular format so it's easily referenced. Faster than sending fifty million emails, particularly since there's a size limit on email inboxes. :{Fortunately for my fanfic group, Outlook also allows me to set up personal folders that are sourced on a different drive instead of the main exchange server. That means we can copost like mad when I am underway, so long as the emails stay a reasonable length. And provided I find the time. Very busy for now.}:

I have two more watches to stand to finish the qual--an 08-12 and a 12-16, which are when most of the action happens. Knock one out the first duty day, the second after, a test and a board and I'm qualified again. Most of it is simply remembering what I already know and learning how Boxer differs from USS LastShips.


Came home and the Spring Hill box was here. Planted the blueberry plant in the included 10" pot, and completely forgot that the pot was supposed to be for the dwarf banana tree. It ended up in a nice huge metal pot. Might need to transplant it into something smaller, and put a bay laurel in there. Forgot to plant the daylily bulb, but the girl has already watered the plants and the yard is wet. And I am tired.


Have I mentioned lately that we've got some awesome people in the division?? We do.

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