Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,


There are two structural components of Boxer that are just plain odd. The first is the itty-bitty doors on the starboard [right] side of the ship on the deck below the flight deck. These doors are maybe a quarter of the size of regular ones. I call them 'hobbit doors' and everyone knows what I mean. They're about the same size, maybe, as the little door I used to use to get into Decatur's mast. Dinky. I'm too old to be scrunching up like that.

The second oddity is a knee-knocker* on that same deck. Mind you, this is way above the waterline. But this knee-knocker is very nearly knee-height on me, instead of ankle-high. I almost feel like I'm hurling myself through it!

Both things no doubt have structural reasons for existing, but they sure make getting around a pain in the knees.

* Knee-knocker. Term for the oval opening in a long passageway [hallway] that doesn't have a door on it. It just allows passage through bulkheads [walls].
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