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Duty tomorrow. Busy, busy. Time to start working on the watch qualifications. The section leader seemed quite pleased that I'd been Officer of the Deck before ... I guess he has been running short. *sigh* I hate quarterdeck watches. [The Officer of the Deck inport is responsible for access to the ship, making sure the right flags/pennants are flying, morning and evening colors, carrying out the plan of the day, making sure that the 1200 reports are delivered to the captain, and a whole load of other things, including being the CO's personal representative on the quarterdeck.]

It's a great time to work on quals, though, since a large chunk of the crew is going to be on leave.

Monday and the rest of the week will be very busy. Perhaps we'll get a break the week after. Thank goodness there's another chief to worry about half of the division now.

Got a new pair of glasses today. Nothing wrong with the old pair, but it's always good to have a spare pair onboard ship. This pair is coppery colored, which seems to be my default color choice. I find that I also have a real weakness for copper colored jewelry--not that I wear much jewelry.

Now if only the allergies would let up. One of these days, I need to go in and find out just what I am allergic to.

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