Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,

Thoughts on fandom

I did Anne McCaffrey's KT bulletin board host thing for a year, and visited regularly for years before that. Now it's gone, and I am finding that I don't miss it at all. Some of the folks I miss, sure, like Priscilla-the-host and a few others--but the last few months on hostdom before it closed seem to have soured the whole thing for me so much that I don't even desire to visit any of the alternate sites. Even the BPOI board, usually good for a chuckle or two, seems to have faded--at least from the outside looking in.

I guess I should have expected that, since I was mostly only posting in the writer section and occasionally in the Lounge. The parts people loved most--the games, the Pern discussions that were fresh to new folks but worn ground for me--those lost their glow a while ago. I've grown in different directions. But I am glad that the new forums exist for those that enjoy them.

Ah, well. The PBeM is still fun. :o)

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