Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,

Two days down...

...and one to go until the weekend. Was a short week for me, remember?

Ship starts leave periods at the end of the week, and oh, crap, we haven't even drafted up the awards for the people who deserve one from the INSURV. Tomorrow. All day, I guess.

Divvied up the division with the other chief. I think we can get on just fine, if I can only remember to keep my trap shut when it's his stuff. Met the Exec and CO today. With a bit of luck, I won't be around them much. *wishes desperately* Of course, the Department Head is a commander, too, so it's like always working for an Exec, lol.

"Lists" will be the bane of my existence. Lists of people who need to do this. Lists of people who need to do that. Lists of people who didn't show up for something else. Lists of jobs (work orders, either on or off ship) that need approved. Lists of deployment consumables (pretty much anything other than repair parts). Lists of people who will transfer during the deployment. Somehow, all of them were due for action yesterday. Welcome to sea duty.

And then there are the personnel issues...which are not going here. But they kept me busy nonetheless.

Must remember to go in and change my will while I'm on leave next month. The fellow we were going to have take care of the kiddo should anything happen to us got busted for pot this month, in the company of someone carrying meth. Damn. Big surprise to me.

Speaking of kiddo, she's been under the weather with allergies--we think. She's got a consult now with an allergist. She'll be devastated if she's allergic to kitties. So will we. She's been out of school for two days; I guess she was well enough to go today, but she was dog-tired from lack of sleep the night before, so she got to sleep in today.

Part of me wants to just go and get this deployment over with (so that we can come back and just get ready again for the next one) because some ways that the division/department/ship does business won't easily be changed in homeport. Deployments really shake things loose.

I wonder if we can just shanghai a couple of techs in a few critical areas? Then I'd be happy. Hee! Maybe there are a few waiting around at RSO, where all of the special-manning ships have to send their extra bodies. Got to email myself at work so that I can remember.

Ordered my copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to be sent to the ship, along with enough other upcoming releases to fill out the requirement for free shipping. Also found a decent package deal for Analog, F&SF, and Asimov's, so I subbed to all three. Got to have something to read, lol.

I shall miss my daily web-surfing.

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