Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,

We all get a few days off now that our inspection is over. Yay! And we had a divisional party today. Yay!

I like these folks. I really do.

Got lost today on the ship again. The passageway that I usually take to get to the mess [where the chiefs eat and sleep and the term is sometimes very accurate] was secured for stores handling, so I had to use the alternate route. Except that I only went that way once. So I asked how to get there. Folks are pretty friendly, too.

Will definitely be away in the not-so-distant future. Much to do between now and time to go. I'm taking leave, dammit, because I didn't take any on the way to the ship and I have 50 days on the books already. I don't want to go over 60, because come October, I'll lose any over that amount. Since I earn 2.5 days per month, I'll make 15 days on a standard 6 month deployment, which would definitely put me over.


Kiddo's cursive handwriting is so very much improved. I almost didn't recognize it. She's got a project due next month, and she wants to build a gold rush town. Sounds neat to me.


Dropped out of the writing group because of the impending journey. I kick myself for not getting anything finished enough to submit. They're great folks. I expect I'll have lots of writing time this summer, lol, so there's good news with the not-so-good. I shall simply have to inflict it upon my friends.


And dammit, got confused when ordering a video game and bought one for the wrong console. Although I must admit that I was seriously considering getting the hubby an Xbox, since there are so many games he'd enjoy that aren't on Gamecube. Maybe it's my subconscious kicking in? Yeah. A Gamecube on the small tv upstairs, and an Xbox plugged in downstairs to the tv and surround sound. But then I bet the bathroom would never get cleaned ;o)

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