Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,

Family matters

The family got a Gamecube today, financed by the eBay sales of the kiddo's outgrown books. Bought a few games, too, mostly used. (Otherwise known as previously-played. Like a used car is now pre-owned.) Heck, the Gamecube was previously played, to save about thirty dollars, which was absorbed completely by the new game that the kiddo wanted. Tak 2, or some such. Anyhow, with games and dvds and such now floating about upstairs, I needed something to hold them.

A USPS flat-rate box worked perfectly, when the top flaps got cut off and I split it down opposite corners. The bottom flaps were aligned and taped together, then the short flaps cut from the top became the ends of the box when it got folded together. Then I covered it with fabric, previously purchased at a thrift store for 99 cents, and stapled/hot glued the corners. The staples weren't quite long enough, so I found some little pearly-colored glass bits and glued them over the staples. The basket now slides neatly on the short shelf under the upstairs computer--which was also just replaced. I need to finish clearing that room out to accomodate the traffic it will now get.

I feel so domestic! I even washed dishes today!

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