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So it's been days spent running back and forth between a destroyer's training (where the only times they showed what I really needed to see, I really needed to be somewhere else, so one of the first class petty officers got stuck doing it) and checking out of the command. I hit everyone who had my name in a database--the supply guys, where I was more than happy to get rid of that albatross better known as a government travel credit card; the whizz-quiz folks, so they aren't hunting me down to pee in a bottle and letting everyone know that I DIDN'T check out with them; and a few others. Monday morning is my last day there. Er ... did I mention that I did get an award when I left? A seventh Navy Achievement medal. Ah, well, if it had been anything higher I would have been sure I got away with something--and certain that I would have been shelling out more for my ribbons every time they needed replacing.

Coming home, the kiddo's been doing fractions in school again, and it's frustrating her. At least they weren't problems like the one that had me laying 80 compact discs out on the couch for her to sort into piles to understand remainders.... And I've been painting a black sweatshirt and pants with purple tabby stripes so that she could be the Cheshire Cat in the school play today. She was awesome at it, by the way. Wonderful cat-titude.

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