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Paperwork scuffle

The orders came in today, but they went to my old command--the one I was assimilated from. When I got the Boxer orders, I was still attatched there, so of course, the BUPERS system doesn't expect people to change duty stations IN BETEEEN getting orders to a different duty station. One would think, of course, that it wouldn't be a problem, since the same personnel office supports both commands.

And it wasn't, really.

But then, the personnel folks wanted a new "transfer information sheet"--which I'd completed, including the requisite medical screening, when I got the Boxer orders the first time. Fortunately, our admin convinced them of the idiocy of their request, and they decided to just change the dates on the form they already had. Go figure. I had no idea it would be so--difficult. Paperless Navy, my ass.


In other news, have nearly cleaned out my desk. Passed around the notes and supplies and such that everyone else wanted, and disposed of the rest properly. Much shredding. :o) I hate cleaning out someone else's old crap, and I'm certainly not leaving it for anyone else to deal with. In fact, that seems to be part and parcel of my history. I did it in the shop on Guam (Tons of broken crap stuffed into file cabinets!) the 3M office on Samuel Gompers (ten copies of a single instruction!), at FTC in three courses (although more time was spent tidying curriculum), on Decatur after I took over as the Chief, and then again at ATRC and at ATG, where the empty desks became massive archives of useless paperwork. None of that is going to be left behind in my desk. I am the Shredder Queen! All shall see me and despair!


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(no subject) - mswagner - Feb. 19th, 2005 08:22 pm (UTC) - Expand
Feb. 19th, 2005 08:34 pm (UTC)
No, and sorry for the jargon! I try, but it seems to be ingrained by now.

What I am doing is moving from the cubicle rat-maze of a building, where I go out and assess ships' crew's skills, and take a new job on one of those ships. Namely, <a href="http://www.boxer.navy.mil/>USS Boxer</a>. There, I'll have a division of technicians working for me, and I'll be responsible for them, their training, and the maintenance of all of Boxer's off-ship communications equipment and search radar equipment. Boxer is homeported here, so when we aren't at sea or out taking care of business, we're here. I won't be talking much about when/where/how long on this journal, for obvious reasons. I don't even have a firm schedule for the next few months yet, because I haven't gone over to get one.
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