Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,

Been wrapped up in a lot of things this week. All of the evaluation (well, fitness report is what it's called) and end of tour stuff for work, scrounging up previous awards and discovering that my records are really screwed. There's a copy of my permanent service record on disk, and three other online locations, as well as my field service record, and none of them even show the same awards, much less all of them. I've six of one type of personal award, and the records sources show anywhere from two to four of them. Printed four from the cd, then found the other two at home. Field service record was missing two, but not the same two. The Navy's awards site only shows two, but those arent't the same two missing from either of the service records but seem to be in common with other purely online records. The electronic training jacket has three--the first one and the two in the awards site.


Yeah, me too. I had to make out a table listing the dates of the awards and the records, and put little checks in the boxes to keep it straight. Monday, I get to start trying to sort it all out. :o(

At home, been installing bookshelves and the new computer/media desk. (Pictures later, perhaps, when some of the boxes are cleared.) Fortunately, one of the guys at work has a table saw and was willing to rip one of Ikea's Ivar corner posts so that it serves as a discontinued connecting post, which allows narrow and deep shelves to be part of the same unit. Works great. 500 hardcover/trade books are thankful in their new home.

Kiddo's homework has been challenging, as usual. And I started painting purple stripes on black sweats for her Cheshire Cat costume for the 4th grade play.

Been planning the gardening, too. I'll plant stuff IF the family promises to water it when I am away. Not looking forward to that 'away' part. But that's what I have to do to finish the last two and a half years.

Oh! And taxes. The California form gave me a headache. The Indiana form was complete in fifteen minutes. Yet another reason to look forward to moving.

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