Dawn (alphasunrise) wrote,

Things that make me cringe--

Today seems to be a 'cringe' sort of day.

First, I saw the "Want it now" posts on eBay looking for worn/used panties. Doesn't that just give ya the shudders? Makes me remember the stories from my first ship, where a dude was going around stealing underwear out of other guys' laundry bags (dirty) and wearing them. Ick! Ick!

Then, while amusing myself with the latest developments in the ongoing Publish America saga, I ran across the following lovely bit on a message board defending PA:
Okay, Okay!!!! Well all this negetivity is giving me a headache. Bla to the people who think writing has to be some millioniar job. Nothing in the world is perfect. There is no such thing as a lazy job, you do have to work hard in this world. I think I have the greatest job on the planet. Im an author and a stay at home mom. But I still have to work hard. I have a little person to take care of and I love writing. I have like 15 manu's completed and the first book that I am going to have published is with PA. I am glad too. This is my first ever and yeah they tell you about a year and I sighned there contract four months ago and BY November of this year my book will be published. Who wants to have their book published just to get it published. Hell I'd rather have my name on a couple of my books in stores and be a part of something that is truely mine to share with the world. Who cares if the PA doesnt have the best reputaion in the world. No one does. Even your fav. actors and actresses are not perfect. (GASP) yeah I said it. No One or No Company is perfect. But how many of you have given PA a chance or just let other people tell you their negetivity and you go off that? Negetivty is the number 1 source of unhappieness. So I hope that you will think for yourselves and go with your own instincs. Do the research and trust your gut, not someone elses.

And that makes me cringe in a whole different way.

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